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 Relentless Texas Debt Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Future


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Relentless Texas Debt Defense Lawyer Protecting Your Future


These are challenging times. At The Bronson Law Firm, P.C., we meet so many

clients who have long histories of paying bills on time and usually in

full. But when you suffer a devastating injury or lose your job, it becomes

much harder to make ends meet. And when you rely on your credit cards just

to put food on the table or keep a roof over your head, you may find

yourself drowning in debt. The last thing you need is a lawsuit against you.

If you feel as if you’re losing control over your own future, speaking with

a debt defense lawyer in Dallas may be just the lifeline you’re waiting

for. Attorney Bill Bronson is board certified in civil trial law by the

Texas Board of Legal Specialization and has represented hundreds of clients

faced with lawsuits by creditors and debt collectors.

Our ultimate goal is to get your case dismissed immediately.

If we can’t, we create as many options as possible for you.

Attorney Bill Bronson Is Always Up Front With You

The Bronson Law Firm, P.C. is a debt defense law firm dedicated to helping you obtain the relief you need. We focus on dealing with harassing creditors and collection lawsuits, allowing you to take back control of your financial situation.

We never make promises we can’t keep: you can trust us to tell you the truth every time we meet.

We provide legal assistance in the following debt defense areas:

Credit card collection suits

Credit card attorneys and credit card debt collection agencies sue thousands of people every year. Through the

discovery process, we obtain the business records from your creditors and scrutinize each one for errors. Errors can keep those records out of evidence, which can destroy the case against you.

Debt collector suits

If you ignore a complaint against you, your creditor may file a lawsuit to obtain the money you allegedly owe. Under

the law, there is a distinction between a legal debt and a moral debt. If the creditor cannot make its case that you owe money, you cannot be held accountable for that debt. An experienced debt defense attorney protects you against those alleged debts to keep you from paying.

Debt negotiation

Many times your debt increases because of penalties and interest rates. We negotiate with your creditors to reduce

your debts as much as possible.

Commercial debt restructuring

Just because your business has accumulated too much debt doesn’t mean you necessarily have to file for bankruptcy. We work with you and your creditors to restructure your commercial debt, creating repayment plans that you can afford.

– Judgment defense

Without the proper debt defense strategy, you could end up having a judgment filed against you by your creditors. A judgment may result in a lien against your home or your vehicle — even property you acquire later on. We can defend you against judgments in court.

Debt defense lawyer in Dallas with the skills to help you


At The Bronson Law Firm, P.C., we put our years of experience to work for you. We litigate cases, and our focus is on winning. To speak with an attorney in a free initial consultation, contact our firm by phone at (972) 770-2660 or online.

What our Clients are saying

A thank you just does not begin to say how much you have helped me with my tax issues. I had accrued more than $100,000.00 in back taxes, interest and penalties. In our initial meeting your professionalism was stellar and gave me the confidence that you had the ability to negotiate the best deal possible. I had no idea what you would accomplish. The IRS accepted the offer in compromise for the sum of $230.00. This is unbelievable! I would strongly recommend your services to anyone needing help with tax or other issues relating to the IRS.

Strongly recommend your services

Stephen Mcgowan, Dallas, Texas